Choose Job-Dox’s project management software to fortify your carpet and flooring business with its excellent organizational tools and ready to use interface. Make long term installation projects easy and manageable with our software tools. Whether you’re working with carpet, laminate, vinyl or more get the best results with Job-Dox. Manage the entire process remotely using our accessible flooring software.

Relieve any concern during the long installation process with engaging tools available to you and your customer. Job-Dox keeps you up to date with single location documentation, helps you effectively communicate, and provides you with a collaborative experience.

Worry Free Updates

Stay on top of your projects using the management software’s simple layout. We help you see pending tasks to keep you on schedule and view completed tasks to understand your progress. Use the business process module to set automatic tasks and alert employees throughout a project’s duration or manually enter them whenever you need. Anyone can add quick notes right into a project without a pen or an email, which will update everyone immediately. These notes, with the time and date, will also appear in the newsfeed feature along with relevant photos and documents.

Make Your Customer Service Unrivaled

Make sure your customer feels confident and well taken care, without exerting any extra effort. Customers can use Job-Dox’s project management software to monitor the work you’re doing for them. There they can view status updates and the photos you allow them to see in addition to accessing their point of contact for any additional other questions or concerns. Daily progress reports are automatically generated and sent out everyday to your customers, giving them peace of mind without interrupting your work. If anything does come up, Job-Dox’s inbox module lets you send message without needing leaving the software.

All Your Needs in Flooring Software

Job-Dox gives you the ability to cut out all the different platforms and programs you’ve had to juggle. Now let on our management software to handle all your needs. Upload all your company’s files into the documents module and store current information with the contacts module. Stop using unreliable paper and keep accurate records with automatically logged dates, times, and geo-tagging. Use Job-Dox to monitor budgets and spending, so you always know how a project is going. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office or on the go, access this information anywhere.

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