Job-Dox provides our clients with the best way to manage their electrical businesses with customizable options, remote access to documents, and easy to follow project organization. Our project management software keeps you up to date with real-time information, like accurate directions and employee locations. Our automated tools simplify projects and inform customers through progress reports without taking extra time. Notes and messaging features provide you with instant and clear communication. Revolutionize the way you do business with our paperless software. Job-Dox gives you a friendly and intuitive interface, without sacrificing features or quality.

Seamlessly Switch to Our Project Management Software

You’re busy running and expanding your company so you don’t have time to waste learning and teaching a complicated software to your employees or your clients. Job-Dox’s electrician software offers a stress-free transition to technology ready to work for you. We listened to our customers to make the absolute best management software possible. Job-Dox’s software is straightforward and easy navigate. Projects and modules are clearly marked in the interface to help streamline operations. The dashboard lets you manage all your projects by type, while important alerts and tasks stand out.

Real-Time Job Updates

When your business is working hard, you don’t want to stop to hunt down information or people. Job-Dox understands that your work must take priority. We’ve designed our electrician software to stay current with real-time information and locations, so you never have to interrupt your day again. You and your employees can place and create files right into Job-Dox’s flooring software, where anyone can access them as soon as they’re uploaded. Check the newsfeed for current developments on all your projects or any individual one. Prioritized and finished tasks update as they are marked and updated as a project progresses, helping you stay on or ahead of schedule. The map view lets employees check in through Job-Dox and tracks equipment, so you can focus on a project and not interrupting calls.

A Paperless Hub

Job-Dox manages all your company’s needs in one spot. Follow all your projects on the dashboard view, where you can filter based on type. Go in-depth with a project to add documents and contact information that is easily accessible in the management software. Your company can use the Journal Notes features and internal messaging to communicate quickly and effectively without needing pen and paper or email. Our automation tools let you plan a project ahead of time, sending out alerts to employees and reports to your customer without any extra time.

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