For a painting industry software, Job-Dox provides convenient automation solutions and validation tools. Get the best for your company with a cloud-based software that offers not just not documentation, but thorough management options for daily operations. Keep contacts, files, photos, and tasks in one easy to access location. Customers will love Job-Dox’s technology because it will care for them as much as you do. Let them view the progress on their own service and receive updates for a positive experience.

Management Software to Exceed Expectations

When you use Job-Dox, nothing slips through the cracks. Long term projects are organized to broaden the scope or focus on an individual project with simple to use view options. Go paperless by uploading contacts and documents and capturing signatures with a phone. Our newsfeed and journal note features allow for consistent updates in real-time. Since Job-Dox’s management software is cloud-based, everything you want is at your fingertips on a tablet or phone. Our friendly interface is simple to learn for you, your staff and your customers, so you can spend more time getting to work instead of learning a new painting software.

Go Beyond Customer Standards

Make your company the obvious choice for customers with improved service and transparency. Don’t interrupt your work having to call customers or answer questions. Job-Dox uses a portal for customers to log in and view their projects, at the best time for them. They can check the status, see any relevant photos, and find the contact information they need. Our project management software has a collaborative experience, so customers get the kind of treatment they want. Help your business earn respect as Job-Dox sends customers daily progress reports so they can trust in the work you’re doing for them.

Hands off Project Management

Other project management software only gives you documentation, while Job-Dox is set apart with automation to streamline operations and maximize profits. Don’t compromise with painting industry software its isn’t doing the most for your business. Our business process tool clearly defines a plan of action. Job-Dox generates tasks as projects progress and staff receive automatic notifications. Communications improve using the centralized inbox and notes solutions, where anyone with permission can update progress on a project. Build budgets, monitor costs, and create invoices to reach your financial goals.

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