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Practical Solutions for the Service Industry

Job-Dox is a fully functional project management software system that is mobile and user friendly. With our project management tools, you can effectively keep track of emails, phone calls and texts, while still achieving important goals in regard to your business. We provide practical solutions for the service industry. Regardless of whether you’re a restoration, plumbing or electrician business, Job-Dox can help you. We offer fully-automated features and our workflow software can be customized for your specific needs, allowing you to create the ideal project management system for your team, regardless of which sector of the service industry you work in.


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a software built to meet your needs. Now you do!


Allow your team, clients, vendors, and anyone else to view the project in real time with our software.


Let Job-Dox work for you by automatically creating tasks and alerting you and your team when something is needed.

Automated Business Processes Set Us Apart

What sets Job-Dox apart from other project management software is automated business processes. Most other software is good for documentation but still requires a manager to know and initiate all the steps in the process. Our service industry job management software is accessible by your employees and clients from multiple platforms. With Job-Dox, the appropriate people will be notified is something is missing or overdue in regard to your business. Our construction software is easy to use and implement into your home service business.

Construction Software Helps Keep Track of Equipment

For your service industry company, look no further than Job-Dox in regard to project management software. We provide practical solutions to help your company operate more efficiently and effectively. Our workflow software works at any given time on all platforms, so it’s hassle-free, and houses your important business information in one place. Important documents and signatures can be easily accessed with our project tracking software. It also keeps track of equipment used for any given job, and automatically notifies key people in your company about what’s happening with any project.

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Project Tracking Software Makes It Easy

The ultimate in project tracking software for your business is Job-Dox. The project management tools offered through our company were first utilized by a restoration company that later decided to make our construction software available to service companies everywhere. With Job-Dox project tracking software, projects can be viewed in real time by your employees and clients. From one centralized location, documents can be easily viewed and messages can be sent and received within your company and with your clients. Our project management software eliminates the need to hunt down emails and files.


Job-Dox provides technical support for our current project management software. If you are experiencing technical or user interface difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us through the support dashboard below.

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