Job-Dox workflow software is an excellent tool for streamlining your operations. This business process automation software assists by storing and sorting information about your projects, filtering jobs by type, listing them, and showing project activity all on one easy newsfeed. The software helps with keeping track of jobs because it shows real-time updates and completion rates, so owners can learn everything they want to know about how a project is doing. Our user-friendly interface makes accessing customer information, automating business processes, keeping your team updated a breeze.

Business Automation Software Customized to Your Needs

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by your workload. Staying on top of what’s completed and needs to be completed is important for any company’s efficiency. Workflow automation helps to keep office life organized, so you never have to wonder what’s going on with a project or have to flip through pages of notes for one piece of information. When you implement project automation, all of your project details and contacts for any job are easily accessible right at the tip of your fingertips. Job-Dox’s workflow software makes it easy to navigate through project processes by putting everything on one comprehensive interface and letting you filter through job types or task completion.

The Project Automation Features That Set Job-Dox Apart

The automated task system offered by Job-Dox is what sets us apart from other software providers. Workflow automation capabilities help business owners and employees keep track of what’s going on in day-to-day operations. With business automation software, you can filter jobs by type and see list of all upcoming jobs, making it clear to see what is priority for being completed next. At Job-Dox, we take pride in the fact that companies use our software to customize their operations and reach their revenue goals.

Organize Your Team with Business Process Automation

The set of automation tools within Job-Dox software make managing your teams easier and much more efficient. Using our business automation software for your organization means employees can start working collectively with emails, automate tasks, and have notifications sent to their mobile devices. You can create appointments with the use of our dispatch panel and send the information to any team member’s calendar. Our fully feature interactive interface was designed to be easy to learn and effortless to integrate within operations.

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