A difficulty that many companies face today is trying to keep track of emails, phone calls, and texts while at the same time trying to increase customer satisfaction and profits. To be able to effectively provide documentation, photos, and data to third-party contacts, businesses need reliable software to help with facilitating their needs. You shouldn’t have to choose between finding time to check on projects and growing as a business, and with the effective project management software from Job-Dox, you can easily do it all.

Streamline Processes with User Interface Software

Using an archaic system can cause major problems for your company in today’s world. With the advancement of technology comes a greater need for automated tasks and minute-by-minute updates, and while the current industry is still largely paper-based, Job-Dox hopes to change that. Our software offers easy solutions for keeping your staff aligned, your customers informed, and operations streamlined for ultimate profit maximization. With Job-Dox project management software, you can filter information by job type and view details on an easy newsfeed interface.

Keep an Eye on Project Information with Job-Dox

With Job-Dox project management software, you can view job information, project updates and task status quickly and easily. With our project view feature, you can see job details, newsfeed activities, and contacts on the same screen for maximum efficiency. Data secure and shareable through our software for access anywhere, and things like documents and photos can be organized in folders and albums for efficient storage. Your overhead costs can be managed by implementing budget categories and designating target costs and margins.

Project Management Software for Financial Goals

The tasks set in place by Job-Dox software can improve processes, communication, and perception, as well as increase efficiency, productivity and, most importantly, profitability. Our software provides solutions for administrations with real-time budget reports, documentation and photos, and managers with increased autonomy for technicians. Business owners benefit from this backend management because more clients roll in and profits go up once people see how efferently run the company is. And it’s not just our clients that benefit; our staff is able to work more efficiently and get more done with defined plans of action and improvement in communication.

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