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The restoration industry, now more than ever, is about customer service. Property owners want to be in the loop. Spending time calling your team to get progress reports and then relaying that information back to your customers is time lost. With Job-Dox, your customers can log into their own portal and view the progress of their project themselves. Leaving you time to get things done.

Our set of automation tools make managing your teams easier and much more efficient. Get your organization working collectively with emails, auto-tasks and notifications pushed to their mobile devices. Appointments can be created using our dispatch panel and sent to be added to your team member’s calendar. No need for them to add it themselves.

In the Field


Reliably and consistently documenting any project can be an arduous task. Thankfully Job-Dox has a robust and easy to use set of tools designed to help you.

  • With our Documents Module you can upload your own files, use one of the standard templates or have our team create custom templates to meet your company’s needs. These templates can be used to capture signatures as required on your project site for projects which require work authorization, for example.

  • The Job-Dox Contact Module allows you to keep track of all the contacts which pertain to any of your specific projects. Manage you customer’s or vendor’s contact information and make it easier for your customers to know how to get in touch with your point of contact on a project.

  • If your project requires it, the Photos Module allows you to upload images from your mobile device quickly and easily at which point they can be shared with other members of your team or with your customers.

  • The Newsfeed Module is an automatically generated list of activity which shows user activity on a project. Each project has it’s own newsfeed and our main Dashboard Module has a summary or all significant events throughout your company.

  • Sometimes being able to make a quick note about a project is handy. With our Journal Notes feature you can do just that quickly without having to open a email app or find a pen and paper.

  • View all of your personnel on a project with our Map View. Each employee has the location of their last check-in as well as the last newsfeed event they generated to help estimate their location as accurately was possible without having to stop and make a phone call or wait for a response.

  • When a document is signed using our Document Module, the location of where the document was actually signed is captured as well for reporting later.

  • Job-Dox has the ability to show you, in real-time, what projects your equipment has been deployed and who allocated it there.



Managing assets and employees is possibly one of the more important parts of any project. Without proper oversight, scheduling conflicts for equipment or employee hours can lead to setbacks and cut into your bottom line.


Lack of communication on a project can lead to no shortage of problems. Keeping in touch with your staff and customers is the keystone upon which Job-Dox is built.

  • What would a project be without email? Job-Dox has a built in Inbox Module which allows you and your team to easily send messages to one another and to any other contacts on a project without the need to open a separate email program. All messages are stored in an inbox for each project, thus, making it easy and simple to find emails pertaining to that project. All emails will also be delivered to your business or personal email account as well to provide redundant storage and ensure notification of the messages’ intended recipient.

  • When you utilize our Business Process Module, messages can be sent out automatically to remind your staff of tasks which need to be performed or to deliver daily progress reports to your customers. The value of this being that you do not have to stop your day to call your customers or check on your team’s progress.

  • Our Newsfeed Feature is one of the more powerful communication and management tools which is built into the  Job-Dox system. The events listed are, mostly, automatically created simply by using our software which informs the user of things like images or documents being uploaded. Journal entries being added or specific tasks being marked as completed and who performed all these action with a date and time.

  • The Tasks Module enables you to keep your team in the loop by giving them a clear picture of what needs to be done and when it is expected to be completed. Through the Business Process Module, management can set up Job-Dox to send out tasks automatically based on criteria that you can specify.

  • Job-Dox currently offers a set of 4 colors for you to choose from to best compliment your company’s brand. Additionally, when you provide the necessary files, Job-Dox can incorporate your logo as needed.

  • Using our Documents Module, you can create your own custom documents for use in  your projects. Use information from the project which can be automatically filled or add an input element to allow your staff to type information in as needed. Add required fields and signatures to ensure your documents are filled out properly every time.

  • Don’t have all the tools you need? Custom modules are also available. Contact a Job-Dox sales representative to find out what we can do to help you make our system fit perfectly into your companies business model.


Often times, project management systems are sold with the business processes and tool which the development teams had in mind at the time it was created. When that happens there usually isn’t much room to change or customize anything. At Job-Dox we strive to provide out clients with a better option.



Managing your project with Job-Dox helps your team work as a cohesive unit, moving projects forward to completion faster. Our Document and Image Modules help you share information across multiple platforms from anywhere. Accessibility for your customers increases their understanding and satisfaction in the progress of each project.

  • Create tasks and improve accountability for staff in order to keep your project up to date and even ahead of schedule. Tasks can also be assigned to multiple team members to help evenly distribute workloads.

  • Keep everyone involved in your projects in the loop by making quick notes. Journal Notes will appear in the Newsfeed for everyone with appropriate permissions to view.

  • Being able to message other members or your team is essential to the collaborative effort required to make a project successful. Job-Dox has a built in messaging system which not only helps you and your team stay in touch with each other and customers, but helps organize the messages in such a way that they are easy to locate later for record keeping purposes.

  • While tasks can be created manually, we offer a Business Process tool which enables you to have tasks generated at certain key points in your project. These automatically generated tasks can also trigger messages to be sent out to the responsible party so they are aware of the status of their role in each project.

  • The Newsfeed is a built in feature of Job-Dox. By simply using the system, events are automatically added to the newsfeed and displayed in both a company-wide view and project-wide view.

  • In the event you have a project which requires certain criteria to be met, customized alerts can be created. These alerts will help your team prioritize which projects require attention without a manager having to use up valuable time tracking them.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had an array of tools at your disposal that automatically helped you complete your projects? Job-Dox has a set of features that work behind the scenes to do just that leaving you with time saved from having to set reminders or requesting progress updates from your team.


“Our customers love it and so do we.”

“Great software that is easy to use. Keeps your staff aligned while also providing transparency to the customer.”

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Big fan of Job Dox and what the team keeps rolling out

Jim, Mission Restoration