Set your business apart from the rest using Job-Dox. This streamlined plumbing software helps you maintain high customer satisfaction while managing both your staff and your projects from a single interface. Cut down on the time you spend organizing people and documents so you can focus on building your business and maximizing profits. Job-Dox incorporates all your company’s aspects into simple and customizable management software. With Job-Dox, you can manage everything involved with your plumbing business and assure your customer they are getting top notch service.

Stay Ahead Using Management Software

Gain advantage through a plumbing software that’s designed with our clients in mind. Job-Dox uses a simple interface that lets you stay update without the worry or hassle of learning a complicated system. Projects are easy to access and filter by type. In the tasks view, staff can see clearly defined pending tasks and a history of completed tasks to help projects stay on track. Create new tasks manually or at a specific point using the business process tool. Job-Dox will automatically alert anyone involved with the new information. Never miss documents, contacts, and messages no matter where you are. Find all relevant information based on a project at your fingertips.

Accessible Customer Service

Job-Dox will give your plumbing company the competitive advantage with our innovative project management software. We will differentiate your company from the rest by incorporating your own logo into our customizable system. Invite your customers to log in to Job-Dox with their own portal to check on the status of their project, view any related photos, and reach your point of contact. Create reliability and transparency for your company’s high-quality expertise. Job-Dox will automatically send customers daily progress reports to provide a personalized experience with uncompromised service.

Maximize and Expand

With Job-Dox’s project management software, your company will see increases in efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Get updated locations from employees and equipment with map view without using time to call or wait for a response. Effectively relay information between staff and customers with centralized communications. Update budgets by categories and upload receipts to track job costs. Understand metrics in order to make informed decisions. Manage projects remotely to make staff efficient while you focus on business development. Everything you need for company is conveniently located on Job-Dox.

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