If you run a remediation or abatement company, your attention should be aimed at providing quality services that ensure the safety of properties and you need a project management software that allows you to focus on precisely that. Job-Dox uses streamlined services to organize your business’s projects and documents in one easily accessible location. Propel your company’s profits and customer experience to new heights using our innovative automation tools. Job-Dox is entirely paperless, meaning no more costly time spent hunting down paperwork, giving you freedom to focus on expanding your business.

Remediation Industry Software Designed for You

Job-Dox’s user friendly management software was created to be straightforward, eliminating the need for any lengthy training or adjustments periods. With Job-Dox’s intuitive design you can seamlessly integrate advanced technology into your company using your own logo. Manage your team, provide customer support, store documents, and track budgets all in one place. Job-Dox provides real solutions for you to ensure customer satisfaction without maximizing your profits. Our project management software is constantly improving with user feedback and can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Manage Every Step

Maximize your temporal efficiency with Job-Dox and our industry leading project management solutions. Our clients can use the dispatch panel to set appointments and send them to the appropriate employees as well as the business process module to deliver messages and reminders to staff members. Job-Dox will provide your customers with daily progress reports showing results and transparency. Any staff member can check-in with the management software while the map view feature allows you to track employee and equipment locations. With our software, the possibilities are virtually endless. Your company can upload project pictures with the photo module and can easily share them with team members and customers or even use the newsfeed and journal notes feature to see the activity companywide or by project, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Save Time, Money, and Paper

Maximize ease-of-access with Job-Dox. Store all your files and any work authorizations with our documents module, making sure you never lose a piece of paper again. Organize phone numbers or addresses by maintaining customer and vendor information in the contact module. The remediation industry software uses an inbox module to send and receive messages. Track and organize these by project with individual inboxes. The business process tool streamlines your company, allowing you automatically send out tasks and messages, making more time for you to focus on expanding your business and profits.

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