Job-Dox’s complete project management software will ensure you get the most out of your solar business. We listen to our customers to provide an intuitive interface ready to manage all your needs. Stay current with our cloud-based software that gives you instant access to projects and paperwork, which ultimately helps keep you organized. Job-Dox delivers increased profits and productivity by streamlining daily management, giving you the advantage. Dedicated solutions help to maximize every aspect of your company. Automated tools make sure everything is done efficiently and the collaborative features leave your staff and customers feeling satisfied.

Solar Software for the Business Advantage

The solar industry is rapidly advancing with cutting-edge technology and you’ll need a management software that can keep pace. By using Job-Dox, you can oversee every part of your business anywhere to adapt to your demand. Our friendly interface evolves and improves using on customer feedback so you get exactly what you want. We’ll work with you to customize Job-Dox’s modules based on your business model. Our automated tools, like the business process, create tasks to update right away or at certain points and alert the necessary people without the extra effort.

Communicate in an Instant

Job-Dox understands communication is key for not just your company, but any company. Whether its project progress, employee updates, or customer reports, you’ll never miss thing with our solar software. Message between your team or anyone else involved with a project through the inbox module. Messages are stored in Job-Dox and sent to your business or personal email. Anyone can add notes and view these easily by project or in the newsfeed. Keep customers in the loop with daily updates automatically updated through Job-Dox. Give the immediate results customers have come to expect, while you focus on the fulfillment they demand.

Locate Assets From Anywhere

Choose Job-Dox as your project management software and keep track of your company’s assets. Avoid scheduling conflicts to exceed expectations with less supervision. From a tablet or smartphone, employees can use the management software to check in without taking the time to call. The map feature can give you correct directions to any location and enables GPS on equipment and vehicles. Any signature you receive, and upload comes with geo-tagging to see exactly where. Job-Dox updates immediately so all information is as accurate as possible, letting you save time.

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